Thailand’s New Year is celebrated from 13th to 15th April. The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation (moon calendar) but it is fixed now. We joined the biggest water fight of the world in the South of Thailand. Only 5 minutes after our arrival in Ao Nang our clothes were completely soaked with water and our faces were covered with a white paste

Flight of the Gibbon

Video: Feeling the nature and searching for an adrenaline kick while zipping the network of line cable, looking for the shy Black Gibbon: Welcome to The Gibbon Experience! Our final adventure in Northern Laos was this eco tourism forest conservation project in Bokeo Nature Reserve. We spent two nights in a tree house that was tremendously fixed in one single rainforest tree in about 40 m height, offering a spectacular [&hellip

Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang

The road from the Lao capital Vientiane to the party mecca Vang Vieng is awfully bumpy but leads through a  splendid landscape and scenery. In the past few years, the pleasant village evolved to a must-have-seen place for young backpackers. Cheap drinks, tubing on the Nam Song river and loud music make Vang Vieng a perfect party location. Besides this, explorers will find beautiful caves, a lot of rocks to [&hellip

Laos: Amazing caves and marvelous waterfalls

After nearly one month in Cambodia, we were eager to find differences and similarities of Laos’ landscape features and people’s characteristics. Entering the country from the uttermost south, Don Khon, part of the 4000 islands in the Mekong, was our first destination.  The island was small and calm, because the most important transportation vehicle was the bike. The most impressive sight was surely the large waterfall, but also the remote [&hellip

Saving the Elephants

We choose the remote town Sen Monorom, the capital of Mondulkiri Province, as our last stop in Cambodia. The major attractions there are – besides exploring the impressive landscape by motorbike on the red dirt roads and the imposing waterfalls – the two concurring elephant-related actives: On the one hand, elephant riding in the minority villages of the indigenous Pnong people, and on the other hand the Elephant Valley Project [&hellip

Angkor What?

Angkor Wat, one of the best known temple complexes in the world, is not the only thing to see in Siem Reap. There are more than 1000 temples in the Angkor region and we especially enjoyed exploring smaller ones which were not overrun by tourists. Inside the temple area, the action movie Tomb Raider got produced. Coming from Battambang by boat, we experienced the tide-restistant and beautiful fishing villages, that [&hellip

Lederhosening the Bamboo Train

“All aboard, everybody off, all aboard, everybody off”. Bamboo trains are simple and lightweight frames with about three meters in length, made out of bamboo at home. And because the railway-track is single lined, it can happen that two bamboo trains from different directions face each other. Simple rule: The bamboo train with less weight has to be disassembled, put off the rails, the other “train” can pass, and the [&hellip

Snake versus Gecko in Cambodia

A Cambodian snake chokes a still alife gecko, he bites back the snake and a cruelful and slow fight for about two hours begins… We had the great luck to see this natural spectacle – not in a zoo, but in wild Cambodia. And note: The short video is just the summary of hours!

Killing Fields, Phnom Penh

During our short stay in Phnom Penh we visited one of the so called Killing Fields outside the city. For us it was unimaginable that such a peaceful and beautiful area was place of unspeakable horror in the late 70s. As we were and still are touched by the events that happened not only there but all over Cambodia, we prefer to write little and let the images speak for [&hellip

Off the beaten track between Kampot and Kep

The pleasant city Kampot, situated in the southern part of Cambodia, offers a wide range of adventures and leisure time activities. We rent motorbikes and explored the beautiful rural countryside to the neighbour city Kep: Exploring Secret Lake, Salt Fields, Fishing Villages and the well hidden White Elephant Caves… Lederhosening Dirtroad Adventure to White Elephant Caves We got lost in the outback around the Secret Lake and salt fields: farmers [&hellip

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