Hi guys!

How are you? Better said: where are you, and what are you doing??

Took me a while to post a blog, but here it is 🙂


I’m in Laos now, the bordercrossing from Sapa to Laos took a long time… But it’s a really good change from Vietnam, the people are so nice! Ofcourse you know this already. Luang Prabang was beautifull! And I found the bars in Vang Vieng with the free buckets (didn’t have to put in a great effort to find them 🙂 ). After a few days of tubing straight toPakse, went to the Bolaven plateau today (great tip again Helmut!) . Up to Don Det & Don Khon tomorrow, curious to find out how it is over there!


Oh and I met a guy from Austria in Luang Prabang i think, told him about you and he said he heard about extreme lederhosening! You’re famous 🙂


Well, I had a great time in Sapa, if I go to Vienna, I’ll let you know 🙂  (only I won’t come when it is as cold as it was in Sapa…)


Have a good trip, see ya! Love from Laos!

We met Linda at Sapa, Vietnam (see map below) on Mon, 12 Mar 2012.

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