After nearly one month in Cambodia, we were eager to find differences and similarities of Laos’ landscape features and people’s characteristics. Entering the country from the uttermost south, Don Khon, part of the 4000 islands in the Mekong, was our first destination.  The island was small and calm, because the most important transportation vehicle was the bike. The most impressive sight was surely the large waterfall, but also the remote sandy beaches were worth visiting (best enjoyed with a cold coffee shake).

Starting from Paske, we did a motorbike tour for three days exploring the Bolaven Plateau, where many stunning waterfalls waited to be photographed :-).

Heading further north, our next stop was the unique lime stone cave in the rural area of Konglor (also known as Kong Lo). This cave was not comparable to what we have ever seen before; more than 7 km long with a river going through. We did a boat trip in absolute darkness with magically illuminated beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.