We pack our Lederhosen, the Rucksacks and leave our home country for the one year Extreme Lederhosening adventure! We think this is the best way to do extreme activities and at the same time discover the world’s extremest places.

What will we do with our Lederhosen in Mumbai, one of the world’s largest movie production centers? Of course, we’re trying to act in a Bollywood movie! Can we also perform a jodler?
Check out our Bollywood Video Post to see more…

Lederhosen in Bollywood movie?

Lederhosen in Bollywood movie?

But this is just our first international stop! And what do you think is extremer than surviving in Indias desert Thar in the north of the country? For how long will we be able to survive the extreme temperatures while riding camels? We don’t know yet, but we think the Lederhosen will be the perfect riding equipment!
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Lederhosen in the desert

Lederhosening in the desert

And this was just the beginning of the adventure! Activities in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji will follow. And when we gathered extreme momentum we will continue the second half year in the southern American countries…