“I would not recommend going more than one day! The saddles are so hard it hurts like hell”, the Swiss backpacker Aaron advised us when we told him about our plans. But there are no test reports about riding camels with Lederhosen. That’s why we realized our plan: A four days/three nights camel safari in the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, near the Pakistanian border. We chose a strictly non-touristic version of this outdoor trip, meaning heading far into the void of the desert and skipping the common touristic spots…

Watch a short movie clip about the desert adventure

After our guide Rhaman showed us the essential “communication tools” for riding camels, we enjoyed this unique experience with our three camel stallions Baboo, Lalu, and Raju. Wow, a camel is a really tall animal, indeed!
“Shanty, shanty” – slowly, slowly, we dived into an unknown ocean of golden sand…

“24 hour full power,
no toilet no shower,
no hurry no worry
no chicken no curry,
no honey no money
no wife no life
no chai, no chabatti, no camel…”

With the help of Rhaman we found shaded places for our lunch breaks and safe resting places in the sand dunes. Unexpected chilly nights could not diminish the pleasure of sleeping under the clear perfect night sky with billions of stars. Hot Masala tea quickly motivated us to get up after sun rise and for another day of fun and action in the desert: milking goats, camel races, and dune surfing. Conclusion: beating the various challenges of desert life (e.g. sparkles of wood fire, thorns and sandy winds) are no problem – as long as you are wearing Lederhosen. Never go without them!

Read a more detailed story about our camel trip in our media partner, the “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten”, at the 21st January 2012!

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