What you guys are doing is mental!!!!!! And REALLY cool. I enjoyed hanging out with you in both Agra and Varanasi, India. You aaaaalmost convinced mé that lederhosens are the perfect clothes- for travelling in dirty india, that is 😉 i wish you 3 – “the lederhosen company” – All the Best ón your future travels. See you again. Also All the Best from my mom. And hey, btw i saw ón facebook that you Got sick after varanasi too. I’ve been in hospital with 40,3 fever caused by a mean stomach bacteria. Maybe we ate something bad together!? So i’m happy we’re All out of india and still alive 🙂 lots of hugs, Jo

We met Johanne at Taj Mahal, agra, india (see map below) on Wed, 4 Jan 2012.

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