Arriving in Bolivia was kind of a hard task: Blocked streets made our (big) bus going offroad on gravel roads and agro fields. More normal seemed the process of loading the big bus on a very tiny boat, just a little bit bigger than the bus.
That was the way we arrived in Bolivia. ‘Wild Rover’ was one of the craziest backpackers we saw on our way – check out the pictures on facebook…

In La Paz, the defacto capitol of Bolivia, we had a wide range of possiblities to do action stuff: Quad-Biking in the Moon Valley was a great experience with motorized vehicles in a just crazy landscape. Houserunning down the highest building (17 storeys) vertically and experiencing the ‘Death Road’. The Death Road is an old road heading down from above 4000 meters above sea level to about 2000 meters. The gravel road has abysses up to 1000 meters just next to the road.

Check out our video with some of the crazy stuff we did in and near La Paz:

Here you can see lots of our pictures from our time in Bolivia:

In our next posts you’ll find our adventures with the 6000s climb to Huayna Potosi and the fun we had in the Pampas-jungle (Rurrenabaque). Stay up-to-date… 🙂