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World’s Highest Swing
Imagine a children's swing. Imagine it higher - ecactly 120 meters high, free fall inclusive. David and Helmut facing this fear: The world's highest swing in the world's adrenalin métropole Queenstown.
New Zealand’s South
David and Helmut are experiencing earthquakes, stunning landscape, great variety of wild animals and friendly Kiwis. Lots of pictures and panoramic shots!
Our last stop in Australia was Sydney. Baptiste, a really nice french guy, was hosting us during our stay. Most of the time we explored the city by foot. At night Baptiste showed us some insider backstreet bars. Like in prohibition times you walk down a small staircase into a cellar and find another world beyond the doorstep. It immediately reminded us of the roaring 20s. With bartenders wearing suspenders [&hellip
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Kayaking on Mulgrave River
As mentioned in the last post we went on a trip with Adrian. He showed us his favourite spot for white water kayaking, Mulgrave River. The water was really cold but fortunately the sun was shining most of the time. It took us two hours to go down the river. The heavy rain the days before formed some really nice rapids along the way. It was an awesome experience. A [&hellip
From Airlie Beach to Cape Tribulation
The last weeks we spent travelling through North Queensland with our van. Heading off from Airlie Beach we spent an afternoon in Bowen, a small town with big streets where… nothing is happening. At least they had some really nice beaches there. We arrived in Townsville the same night and camped in a dark, quiet side street. The next day we explored the city. People there do a lot of [&hellip
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Fraser Island and Whitsundays
During our time in Rainbow Beach we tried to organize a 4×4 jeep. (You are not allowed to drive with a normal car on Fraser Island and would get stuck anyway.) As rental cars were 250$ per day (this didn’t include permits, ferry tickets and gas) we booked a guided self-driving tour to explore the island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and a must see [&hellip
Koalas, Kangaroos and Crocodiles
After our short stay in Byron Bay we travelled further north. On our way to Rainbow Beach we drove inland to do a track up the Glass House Mountains. As we were already in the area we visited the Australia Zoo, too. With kangaroos and koalas climbing and hopping around right next to you the zoo was an experience worth its money
Lederhosening Australia
After 4 months in Asia it was time to move on to a new continent: Australia. We were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the Aussies but also by the average prices here. It’s much more expensive than we expected… Our first stop was Brisbane where we rented a car to continue our journey to Cairns. Before heading north we drove down the coast to Byron Bay, a lovely beach town, [&hellip
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Rock Climbing in Ton Sai
The best way to enjoy a beautiful landscape is high up on a mountain… or a lime stone wall. That’s why we chose Tonsai as our next destination. It is one of the world’s best spots for climbing. Surrounded by massive rocks it can only be reached by boat and has it’s own (very relaxed) flair. If you love climbing you will love Tonsai (and Railay)
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Thailand’s New Year is celebrated from 13th to 15th April. The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation (moon calendar) but it is fixed now. We joined the biggest water fight of the world in the South of Thailand. Only 5 minutes after our arrival in Ao Nang our clothes were completely soaked with water and our faces were covered with a white paste
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