Peru I: Lima, Huacachina, Nasca, Cusco

Peru is very diverse: The capitol Lima, the beautiful sanddunes in Huacachina, mystical Nasca-Lines or busy Cusco as startingpoint for expeditions. Check out our video about sandboarding and speeding with buggies in the desert

“Jungle-Trekking” in Kumbhalgarh

In the nature resort near the fort Kumbhalgarh we learned about the possibility to do a so called “Jungle safari”. We packed our trekking shoes, our backpacks and put on our  Knickerbocker Lederhosen. Directed by a middle-aged local forest guide who was wearing old used-looking sandals –sic!-, through an extremely heterogeneous mountain area, we hiked more than 16 km in four hours! Unluckily we didn’t find anything which was looking [&hellip