New Zealand’s South

David and Helmut are experiencing earthquakes, stunning landscape, great variety of wild animals and friendly Kiwis. Lots of pictures and panoramic shots!

Fraser Island and Whitsundays

During our time in Rainbow Beach we tried to organize a 4×4 jeep. (You are not allowed to drive with a normal car on Fraser Island and would get stuck anyway.) As rental cars were 250$ per day (this didn’t include permits, ferry tickets and gas) we booked a guided self-driving tour to explore the island. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and a must see [&hellip


Thailand’s New Year is celebrated from 13th to 15th April. The date of the festival was originally set by astrological calculation (moon calendar) but it is fixed now. We joined the biggest water fight of the world in the South of Thailand. Only 5 minutes after our arrival in Ao Nang our clothes were completely soaked with water and our faces were covered with a white paste

Flight of the Gibbon

Video: Feeling the nature and searching for an adrenaline kick while zipping the network of line cable, looking for the shy Black Gibbon: Welcome to The Gibbon Experience! Our final adventure in Northern Laos was this eco tourism forest conservation project in Bokeo Nature Reserve. We spent two nights in a tree house that was tremendously fixed in one single rainforest tree in about 40 m height, offering a spectacular [&hellip

Lederhosening the Bamboo Train

“All aboard, everybody off, all aboard, everybody off”. Bamboo trains are simple and lightweight frames with about three meters in length, made out of bamboo at home. And because the railway-track is single lined, it can happen that two bamboo trains from different directions face each other. Simple rule: The bamboo train with less weight has to be disassembled, put off the rails, the other “train” can pass, and the [&hellip

Desert life is hard life, Thar Desert, India

“I would not recommend going more than one day! The saddles are so hard it hurts like hell”, the Swiss backpacker Aaron advised us when we told him about our plans. But there are no test reports about riding camels with Lederhosen. That’s why we realized our plan: A four days/three nights camel safari in the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, near the Pakistanian border. We chose a strictly non-touristic version [&hellip