During our time in Bolivia we decided to go into the Amazon. As we didn’t want to spend 18-24h in a bus on awful roads we took a 30min flight instead. An old  rusty plane took us to our desired destination. After a very bumpy flight we were happy to arrive save on the dirt road like landing strip. The next day we spent almost 4h in a jeep but finally we arrived.

What we experienced the following three days was an unforgettable  journey. We swam with river dolphins, saw tons of alligators, monkeys, capybaras, turtles and all kind of water birds. Armed with rubber boots we were looking for Anacondas but only found a skeleton. Last but not least we went piranha fishing during heavy rain. Memories for a lifetime!

Watch our video from the trip into the Bolivian Pampas:


And here are the pictures: