After a short stopover in L.A. we continued our trip to Mexico City. The historic city centre is beautiful and the street food is amazing. On the main square performance artists show off their skills and impress tourists from all over the world.

We visited the massive pyramids of Teotihuacan in the north of Mexico City.

With our Italian friend Federico we made our way south to Oaxaca. In the streets of Oaxaca processions took place every day: Fireworks, candies and joyful people everywhere.

The lovely town was our basis for various day trips into the surrounding area. In Tule we saw the world’s largest (diameter) tree. We learned how typical Mexican fabrics are produced and naturally coloured in a textile manufactury. At a Mezcal factory we got introduced to the secrets of making the tasty spirit.

We also visited the pyramids of Mitla  and Monte Albán before leaving Oaxaca to spend some days in higher altitude.
The mountains of Sierra Norte were amazing. The colourful forrests with hundreds of humming birds and the spectacular view after hiking for hours were breathtaking.

Unfortunately we had little time in Mexico but it’s a country worth visiting and we definitely will come back.

In the meanwhile enjoy our impressions of Mexico: