Starting from the pulsating capital Havana, we explored the Caribbean island Cuba, which offers a unique mixture of history, relaxing beaches and amazing landscapes, combined with the opportunity to do horse back riding to waterfalls and scuba diving to large coral riffs.

During our three-week stay in Cuba we experienced that the image of the national hero Che Guevera is omnipresent, as well as the famous Cuban cigars – we got to know the cult around this very special tobacco product. As we were staying in privately owned guest houses (Casa particulares), we got first hand information about Cuban traditions, but also about perceived benefits and problems of a communist-ruled country. However, even after decades, people were mainly positive regarding Fidel Castro´s revolution ideas.

One of the most impressive places to visit was Trinidad, a remote town, where time seemed to stay still. In the small cobble-stone plastered streets we took a picture of an approaching grey-haired man riding on a donkey. Some days later we by chance found a picture postcard with the same motive, although both, man and animal, looked years younger on it.

Other highlights were Viñales, with its lime rock formations and evergreen valley, and Santiago de Cuba. Santiago the birthplace of the revolution is next to Havana one of the most pulsating places in Cuba. Music, street vendors and old colonial buildings define these two cities like no other place in the world.