New Zealand has so much to offer. The north is more densely populated – but still gorgeous: Beautiful scenery (e.g. the Lord Of The Rings Hobbit village area), caves, the snowy Tongariro Alpine Crossing, colorful thermal wonderlands, full rainbows and great sundowns, just to mention a few highlights. Friendly New Zealander couple Tom and Jess helped us out when we got stuck with the car in the middle of the night (thx again – also for the great night afterwards!) and thanks to Sadie, Peter and their friends for hosting us in Wellington! And not to forget the funny Lederhosen and Dirndl photo shootings with Levke and Sheree in Hamilton!

Despite the friendly inhabitants there are always some black sheep: Nearly all of our stuff got stolen in Auckland after thieves broke into our car. But the thieves overlooked one backup harddrive of mine. Usually in our blog posts you see pictures from both – Helmut and me. But because Helmut unluckily lost all his pictures from the last four months, this time just mine.

Enjoy the pictures of our trip to the northern part of New Zealand!