Following the kind invitation of Shyam, a guy we met by chance in the old town of Jaipur, we visited an effortful social project intended to give poor slum dwellers the opportunity to educate their children. Actually, we were overwhelmed by the extremely warm welcome and hospitality of his family: his wife and five children, three girls and two boys aged between two and twelve years.

Without any governmental help, social workers as well as better educated residents provide school lessons in provisory school rooms next to the slum huts. Not just children get educated, also grown ups with poor education can join the lessons. The school rooms are spread over the area using provisory spaces where available.

Back at Shyams small one-room house he cooked a really great meal. We helped Shyam to provide his pupils with paper notebooks, pens and warm clothing, and gave him the promise to come back as soon as possible.

If you want to help Shyam too, you can easily contact him via his newly created Facebook account or see pictures of his project: Shyam Sunder Soni