In the nature resort near the fort Kumbhalgarh we learned about the possibility to do a so called “Jungle safari”. We packed our trekking shoes, our backpacks and put on our  Knickerbocker Lederhosen. Directed by a middle-aged local forest guide who was wearing old used-looking sandals –sic!-, through an extremely heterogeneous mountain area, we hiked more than 16 km in four hours! Unluckily we didn’t find anything which was looking like what you would expect if you hear “jungle” – but anyway, the untouched landscape was just great.

Our guide was seemingly in a bad mood, not talking much (even though speaking good English) and not showing us characteristic aspects of endemic flora and fauna. Countless tiny beggars liz were attacking our socks and trousers, but fortunately the common panthers were not hungry this day and were not crossing our way.

The demands of the trip were worth it: at the end of the tough safari we enjoyed the incredible view of the Ranakpur Jain temple enlightened by the sunset! Great Experience!