“Are the traditional Lederhosen mud-resistant and fitting for wrestling?”, Salim, our Tuk Tuk driver asked us while showing us the most secret places in Udaipur, a half-million inhabitants city in the Indian province of Rajasthan.  Mud wrestling is a long-established competitive men´s sport there. Traditionally, brown, dry soil is administered to an about 4x4m paved fighting arena in which two barefoot males try to compete the offender. Getting in contact with the local people for organizing a freshly prepared muddy “ring” was great fun for all involved people, as the Indians were fascinated by our Lederhosen and the story behind them.

Let the games begin! David and Goli- ahm- Helmut wrestled in the ankle-deep earth arena – in Lederhosen, struggling with each other and also with keeping their own balance! As two tremendously equal fighters were in the ring, there was no single champion in the end – only two winners smiling and earning roaring applause by the jolly audience.